SOG Reviews

SOG Specialty Knives came to be in 1986, founded by Spencer Frazer with the intent to recreate the original SOG Bowie Knife of the Vietnam era. Since then, the lineup has expanded to include a myriad of folding knives, fixed blade knives and multitools. Many SOG knives are field proven by the likes of law enforcement, US Special Forces, Navy SEALs, and military. The high quality of SOG's knives makes them great hunting knives, camping knives, and combat knives so whether you are batoning wood, building a campfire, or defending yourself, SOG has a knife for you.

Below is a chart showing the best SOG knives on the site as reviewed by multiple users. Keep in mind that there are many great SOG knives out there, but if you can't decide on one after searching the site, choose one off this list and we are confident that you will be happy!

Top Rated SOG Knives

Model Price Rating
SOG Aegis Tanto
SOG Aegis Tanto Reviews
$58.33 9.7
SOG Vulcan Mini
SOG Vulcan Mini Reviews
$66.33 9.3
SOG Trident
SOG Trident Reviews
$87.50 9.0
SOG Seal Pup Elite
SOG Seal Pup Elite Reviews
$74.80 8.8
SOG Vulcan
SOG Vulcan Reviews
$66.50 8.8

All SOG Knives

Model Price Rating
SOG Aegis
SOG Aegis Reviews
$65.51 6.8
SOG Aegis Mini
SOG Aegis Mini Reviews
$45.00 8.0
SOG Aegis Tanto
SOG Aegis Tanto Reviews
$58.33 9.7
SOG Agency
SOG Agency Reviews
N/A  N/A
SOG Arcitech
SOG Arcitech Reviews
$350.00 9.5
SOG Aura Camping
SOG Aura Camping Reviews
N/A  N/A
SOG Aura Hunting
SOG Aura Hunting Reviews
N/A  N/A
SOG Aura SEAL Reviews
$25.00 5.0
SOG Blink
SOG Blink Reviews
$36.00 7.0
SOG Bluto
SOG Bluto Reviews
N/A  N/A
SOG Creed
SOG Creed Reviews
$350.00 8.0
SOG Crosscut
SOG Crosscut Reviews
N/A  N/A
SOG Daggert 2
SOG Daggert 2 Reviews
$70.00 8.0
SOG Demo 2.0
SOG Demo 2.0 Reviews
$180.00 9.0
SOG Facet
SOG Facet Reviews
N/A  N/A
SOG Fatcat
SOG Fatcat Reviews
$300.00 10.0
SOG Field Pup
SOG Field Pup Reviews
$15.00 7.0
SOG Field Pup II
SOG Field Pup II Reviews
$15.00 8.0
SOG Fixation Bowie
SOG Fixation Bowie Reviews
$50.00 2.0
SOG Fixation Dagger
SOG Fixation Dagger Reviews
N/A  N/A
SOG Flash I
SOG Flash I Reviews
$36.50 5.0
SOG Flash II
SOG Flash II Reviews
$51.64 7.6
SOG Flash Rescue
SOG Flash Rescue Reviews
N/A  N/A
SOG Flashback
SOG Flashback Reviews
$50.00 6.0
SOG Flashback Mini
SOG Flashback Mini Reviews
$47.50 8.0
SOG Force
SOG Force Reviews
$90.00 8.3
SOG Forge
SOG Forge Reviews
N/A 9.0
SOG Fusion Muscle Car
SOG Fusion Muscle Car Reviews
N/A  N/A
SOG Fusion Salute
SOG Fusion Salute Reviews
N/A 10.0
SOG Gunny Fixed
SOG Gunny Fixed Reviews
N/A  N/A
SOG Jungle Canopy
SOG Jungle Canopy Reviews
N/A  N/A
SOG Jungle Primitive
SOG Jungle Primitive Reviews
N/A  N/A
SOG Jungle Warrior
SOG Jungle Warrior Reviews
N/A 8.0
SOG Kiku Folder
SOG Kiku Folder Reviews
$113.33 7.0
SOG Kilowatt
SOG Kilowatt Reviews
N/A 8.0
SOG Meridian Topo
SOG Meridian Topo Reviews
N/A 8.0
SOG Micron Tanto
SOG Micron Tanto Reviews
$25.00 6.0
SOG Mini Trident
SOG Mini Trident Reviews
$34.00 9.0
SOG Mini XRAY Vision
SOG Mini XRAY Vision Reviews
N/A 9.0
SOG NW Ranger
SOG NW Ranger Reviews
$50.00 8.5
SOG Pentagon
SOG Pentagon Reviews
$80.00 10.0
SOG Pentagon Mini
SOG Pentagon Mini Reviews
N/A  N/A
SOG PowerAssist
SOG PowerAssist Reviews
$120.00 8.0
SOG Powerlock
SOG Powerlock Reviews
$69.00 6.0
SOG Recon Bowie 2.0
SOG Recon Bowie 2.0 Reviews
$100.00 8.0
SOG Revolver Hunter
SOG Revolver Hunter Reviews
$30.00 10.0
SOG Revolver SEAL
SOG Revolver SEAL Reviews
N/A  N/A
SOG Seal Pup
SOG Seal Pup Reviews
$50.40 8.2
SOG Seal Pup Elite
SOG Seal Pup Elite Reviews
$74.80 8.8
SOG Seal Team
SOG Seal Team Reviews
N/A  N/A
SOG Seal Team Elite
SOG Seal Team Elite Reviews
$150.00 10.0
SOG Slimjim
SOG Slimjim Reviews
$50.00 8.5
SOG SOGfari Reviews
$20.00 7.0
SOG SOGfari Machete Tanto
SOG SOGfari Machete Tanto Reviews
N/A  N/A
SOG SOGzilla Large
SOG SOGzilla Large Reviews
$27.00 7.5
SOG SOGzilla Small
SOG SOGzilla Small Reviews
N/A  N/A
SOG Spec Elite 1
SOG Spec Elite 1 Reviews
N/A 8.5
SOG Stingray 2.0
SOG Stingray 2.0 Reviews
N/A  N/A
SOG Team Leader
SOG Team Leader Reviews
$32.50 7.5
SOG Tech Bowie
SOG Tech Bowie Reviews
$110.00 7.5
SOG Tigershark Elite
SOG Tigershark Elite Reviews
$180.00 9.0
SOG Tomcat 3.0
SOG Tomcat 3.0 Reviews
$155.00 8.0
SOG Toothlock
SOG Toothlock Reviews
$71.00 10.0
SOG Trident
SOG Trident Reviews
$87.50 9.0
SOG Trident Elite
SOG Trident Elite Reviews
$44.00 8.0
SOG Tsunami
SOG Tsunami Reviews
$53.00 10.0
SOG Twitch II
SOG Twitch II Reviews
$30.00 8.3
SOG Twitch XL
SOG Twitch XL Reviews
$42.50 8.0
SOG Visionary I
SOG Visionary I Reviews
N/A  N/A
SOG Visionary II
SOG Visionary II Reviews
$81.00 8.3
SOG Vulcan
SOG Vulcan Reviews
$66.50 8.8
SOG Vulcan Mini
SOG Vulcan Mini Reviews
$66.33 9.3
SOG Woodline Large Fixed
SOG Woodline Large Fixed Reviews
N/A 10.0