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Blade-Tech Industries is a manufacturer of custom, production thermoplastic, injection molded tactical holsters, knife sheaths and magazine pouches. The company is owned by knife designer Tim Wegner.

Blade-Tech supplies holsters and sheaths for such famous knife manufacturers as Cold Steel, MicroTech, Boker, Smith & Wesson, Mission, Buck Knives, and many others. Except tactical equipment, the company produces their own top-quality knives.

Blade-Tech manufactures modern tactical and combat knives that are aimed for extreme conditions and military operations. Their tactical folding knives feature a hole for fast opening.

Blade-Tech designed and patented their own modular attachments such as TEK-LOK, the Molle-Lok and the TMMS (Tactical Modular Mount System).

Blade-Tech holsters, pouches and knives are used by members of law enforcement departments, Special Ops, civilians, competition shooters and military agencies worldwide.

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