Kershaw Reviews

Kershaw is a well known knife manufacturer that designs pocket knives, sporting knives, and even kitchen knives. They have been around since 1974 and are most famous for their assisted opening knives. Kershaw knives are typically affordable and attractive with a vast array of styles. Kershaw also collaborates with many prominent knife manufacturers, including Ken Onion (who is responsible for many of Kershaw's Speedsafe knives), Frank Centofante, Rick Hinderer, and RJ Martin. These knives are great for every day carry and elegant enough for formal occasions. Whether you are hiking, camping, backpacking, or just going to a friend's wedding, Kershaw knives will serve you well.

Below is a chart showing the best Kershaw knives on the site as reviewed by multiple users. Keep in mind that there are many great Kershaw knives out there, but if you can't decide on one after searching the site, choose one off this list and we are confident that you will be happy!

Top Rated Kershaw Knives

All Kershaw Knives

Model Price Rating
Kershaw Antelope Hunter II
Kershaw Antelope Hunter II Reviews
N/A 3.0
Kershaw Asset
Kershaw Asset Reviews
$20.25 7.5
Kershaw Avalanche
Kershaw Avalanche Reviews
N/A 9.0
Kershaw Barrage
Kershaw Barrage Reviews
N/A 10.0
Kershaw Bear Hunter
Kershaw Bear Hunter Reviews
N/A  N/A
Kershaw Black Gultch
Kershaw Black Gultch Reviews
N/A  N/A
Kershaw Black Horse II
Kershaw Black Horse II Reviews
N/A  N/A
Kershaw Blackout
Kershaw Blackout Reviews
$57.00 9.3
Kershaw Blitz
Kershaw Blitz Reviews
$22.00 8.0
Kershaw Blur
Kershaw Blur Reviews
$48.71 9.5
Kershaw Blur Glassbreaker
Kershaw Blur Glassbreaker Reviews
N/A 9.0
Kershaw Blur S30V
Kershaw Blur S30V Reviews
$69.00 9.0
Kershaw Brawler
Kershaw Brawler Reviews
$22.50 7.5
Kershaw Burst
Kershaw Burst Reviews
N/A  N/A
Kershaw Camber
Kershaw Camber Reviews
$70.00 10.0
Kershaw Camp 10
Kershaw Camp 10 Reviews
$38.00 9.0
Kershaw Camp 18
Kershaw Camp 18 Reviews
N/A  N/A
Kershaw Camp Ax
Kershaw Camp Ax Reviews
$25.00 7.0
Kershaw Centofante
Kershaw Centofante Reviews
$27.00 10.0
Kershaw Chill
Kershaw Chill Reviews
$16.50 7.3
Kershaw Chive
Kershaw Chive Reviews
$30.00 7.0
Kershaw Clash
Kershaw Clash Reviews
$27.40 8.8
Kershaw Compound
Kershaw Compound Reviews
$12.00 9.0
Kershaw Corral Creek
Kershaw Corral Creek Reviews
N/A  N/A
Kershaw CQC-7k
Kershaw CQC-7k Reviews
$55.00 10.0
Kershaw Crown
Kershaw Crown Reviews
$10.00 7.5
Kershaw Crown II
Kershaw Crown II Reviews
N/A  N/A
Kershaw Cryo
Kershaw Cryo Reviews
$35.50 7.5
Kershaw Cryo II
Kershaw Cryo II Reviews
$40.00 8.0
Kershaw Cyclone
Kershaw Cyclone Reviews
$40.00 9.5
Kershaw Dimension
Kershaw Dimension Reviews
$32.00 10.0
Kershaw Drone
Kershaw Drone Reviews
$27.00 8.0
Kershaw DWO Classic
Kershaw DWO Classic Reviews
N/A 8.0
Kershaw Echelon
Kershaw Echelon Reviews
$52.67 8.0
Kershaw Ener-G
Kershaw Ener-G Reviews
$35.00 9.0
Kershaw ET External Toggle
Kershaw ET External Toggle Reviews
N/A 8.5
Kershaw Field Knife
Kershaw Field Knife Reviews
N/A  N/A
Kershaw Freefall
Kershaw Freefall Reviews
$21.50 8.5
Kershaw Funxion
Kershaw Funxion Reviews
N/A  N/A
Kershaw Funxion EMT
Kershaw Funxion EMT Reviews
N/A  N/A
Kershaw Grant Country
Kershaw Grant Country Reviews
N/A  N/A
Kershaw Groove
Kershaw Groove Reviews
N/A 10.0
Kershaw Half Ton
Kershaw Half Ton Reviews
$13.00 8.5
Kershaw Hawk
Kershaw Hawk Reviews
N/A  N/A
Kershaw Injection 3.0
Kershaw Injection 3.0 Reviews
$30.00 7.0
Kershaw Injection 3.5
Kershaw Injection 3.5 Reviews
N/A  N/A
Kershaw Junkyard Dog
Kershaw Junkyard Dog Reviews
$25.00 9.0
Kershaw Junkyard Dog 2
Kershaw Junkyard Dog 2 Reviews
$45.00 8.3
Kershaw Junkyard Dog 2 Composite
Kershaw Junkyard Dog 2 Composite Reviews
$49.00 9.8
Kershaw Kurai
Kershaw Kurai Reviews
N/A  N/A
Kershaw Lahar
Kershaw Lahar Reviews
N/A 8.5
Kershaw Leek
Kershaw Leek Reviews
$69.50 8.5
Kershaw Leek Composite Blade
Kershaw Leek Composite Blade Reviews
$67.50 9.3
Kershaw LFK
Kershaw LFK Reviews
N/A 8.0
Kershaw Link
Kershaw Link Reviews
$35.00 10.0
Kershaw Mini Cyclone
Kershaw Mini Cyclone Reviews
N/A  N/A
Kershaw Mini Skinner
Kershaw Mini Skinner Reviews
N/A  N/A
Kershaw Needs Work
Kershaw Needs Work Reviews
$36.50 9.5
Kershaw Nerve
Kershaw Nerve Reviews
$18.00 8.0
Kershaw OD-1
Kershaw OD-1 Reviews
N/A 8.5
Kershaw OD-2
Kershaw OD-2 Reviews
N/A  N/A
Kershaw Offset
Kershaw Offset Reviews
N/A  N/A
Kershaw One Ton
Kershaw One Ton Reviews
$35.00 8.5
Kershaw Oso Sweet
Kershaw Oso Sweet Reviews
$34.60 7.7
Kershaw Outcast
Kershaw Outcast Reviews
N/A  N/A
Kershaw PackRat
Kershaw PackRat Reviews
$70.00 8.5
Kershaw Piston
Kershaw Piston Reviews
$55.00 10.0
Kershaw Rake
Kershaw Rake Reviews
$67.50 10.0
Kershaw RAM
Kershaw RAM Reviews
N/A 9.5
Kershaw Random Task 2
Kershaw Random Task 2 Reviews
$40.00 7.0
Kershaw Rescue Blur
Kershaw Rescue Blur Reviews
$65.00 10.0
Kershaw Responder
Kershaw Responder Reviews
N/A  N/A
Kershaw Ripcord
Kershaw Ripcord Reviews
$95.00 8.0
Kershaw Roughneck
Kershaw Roughneck Reviews
$32.00 7.0
Kershaw Salvo
Kershaw Salvo Reviews
N/A  N/A
Kershaw Scallion
Kershaw Scallion Reviews
$33.50 9.0
Kershaw Scallion Frame Lock
Kershaw Scallion Frame Lock Reviews
$23.00 10.0
Kershaw Scrambler
Kershaw Scrambler Reviews
N/A  N/A
Kershaw Select Fire
Kershaw Select Fire Reviews
$30.00 7.0
Kershaw Shallot
Kershaw Shallot Reviews
$54.25 8.7
Kershaw Shuffle
Kershaw Shuffle Reviews
N/A  N/A
Kershaw Silver Spur
Kershaw Silver Spur Reviews
N/A  N/A
Kershaw Skinning Knife
Kershaw Skinning Knife Reviews
N/A  N/A
Kershaw Skyline
Kershaw Skyline Reviews
$25.90 9.2
Kershaw Spec Bump
Kershaw Spec Bump Reviews
$52.00 9.0
Kershaw Speed Bump
Kershaw Speed Bump Reviews
$50.00 8.0
Kershaw Speedform II
Kershaw Speedform II Reviews
$92.50 9.5
Kershaw Storm 2
Kershaw Storm 2 Reviews
$38.33 8.3
Kershaw Swerve
Kershaw Swerve Reviews
$22.00 4.0
Kershaw Talon II
Kershaw Talon II Reviews
N/A  N/A
Kershaw TG1
Kershaw TG1 Reviews
$67.00 9.0
Kershaw Thermite
Kershaw Thermite Reviews
$35.00 8.0
Kershaw Tilt
Kershaw Tilt Reviews
$283.33 10.0
Kershaw Tremor
Kershaw Tremor Reviews
$24.00 8.0
Kershaw Turbulence
Kershaw Turbulence Reviews
$59.50 10.0
Kershaw Tyrade
Kershaw Tyrade Reviews
$39.00 9.9
Kershaw Vapor
Kershaw Vapor Reviews
$15.67 7.3
Kershaw Vapor II
Kershaw Vapor II Reviews
N/A  N/A
Kershaw Volt II
Kershaw Volt II Reviews
N/A 8.0
Kershaw Whiplash
Kershaw Whiplash Reviews
N/A  N/A
Kershaw Whirlwind
Kershaw Whirlwind Reviews
$25.99 8.0
Kershaw Wildcat Ridge
Kershaw Wildcat Ridge Reviews
$15.00 8.0
Kershaw Zing
Kershaw Zing Reviews
$39.33 8.0