Top 8 Reasons You Should Carry a Knife

Those of you who carry knives already know how often people ask why you carry one. Most of the time, the person asking is genuine and the question is benign, but every once in a while you’ll encounter a rather self-righteous person who seems to have already pegged you as a serial killer because you carry a pocket knife. Early in my days of answering this question, particularly when answering people of the high-and-mighty variety, I used to deflect with jokes. However more often than not, this was met with a negative reaction so over time I slowly shifted towards answering the question honestly. The following is a list of reasons I use, in case you ever need some fodder when fielding this question.

1. You Are In A Position To Help Should You Stumble Across Someone In An Emergency Situation
It is becoming more and more often that I read in the news about how a quick thinking bystander came to the rescue of someone in need by using their pocket knife. Whether it’s a child with hair or shoe laces caught in an escalator, a diver caught in a fishing net, or unfortunate drivers trapped in their seat belts in a burning car, you will be ready. I can only imagine that nothing would make you feel more helpless than standing by idly when somebody is in trouble because you are unable to do anything about it. Always carry a folding knife on you and you won’t have to worry.

2. You Can Help Yourself if You Are In An Emergency Situation
Much like you could help someone else who is in trouble with your pocket knife, you can also help yourself should nobody be nearby to assist you if you are in a similar situation. If you EDC a pocket knife, you can have peace of mind that should it ever come down to it, you are prepared.

3. You’ll Never Bite Into Another Worm In An Apple
If you buy all your apples (or other fruits for that matter) from the grocery store, this probably isn’t much of a problem for you. However, if you eat raw and pesticide free foods, then the story is a little different. Having grown apples in our backyard for a few years now sans fertilizer and pesticide, I can assure you that worms and other critters do occasionally get into apples. If someone else has a worm in their apple, it looks pretty non-threatening. However when there is a worm coming out of your apple, I can promise that it will look more akin to the aliens in Tremors than an ordinary worm. In light of my experiencing this drama more than once, I started cutting my apples with my knife. I can safely say that I am yet to bite into anything other than apple when using this method. Plus, that’s how your grandpa used to eat his apples, with a knife just like this.

4. You Can Laugh At Heavy Packaging
Have you ever bought a consumer electronic device and think that the people who designed the packaging would be better suited to design fortresses and citadels? Probably, because with how insane packaging is these days, it’s practically true. Let’s not forget about the wrappers on snacks. With a knife, you will be able to effortlessly slice through these types of packaging, and as an added bonus, you probably won’t break your newly purchased device by slamming it to the ground in frustration before you can get it open.

5. No Need to Invest In A Pencil Sharpener
I know what you’re thinking, and no, not everyone uses mechanical pencils. Sure, for day to day writing, but most colored pencils are old school and they are commonly used in art and drafting activities. Electric pencil sharpeners are expensive, and those cheap little manual ones are clumsy and can easily break. Instead of using a sharpener, knife carriers quickly stroke the hair on their chest (yeah, yeah unless they’re a girl) before whittling the tip of their pencil into a perfect point.

6. You’re Less Likely to Get Mugged
I have always contended that a knife makes a bad tool for self defense, but just the sight of a folding knife clipped to your pocket is enough to deter a potential robber. Robbers are looking for easy targets, and something about a knife within an arm’s reach of you makes you look like a much less attractive prospect.

7. Your Hands Will Never Get Bored
Yep, sometimes knives are just fun to play with. If you get bored and won’t alarm anybody, it’s fun to flick them open and closed. I don’t recommend doing it all the time as it can wear your blade out prematurely, but every once in a while you can use a knife to kill some time.

8. You Can Cut Things
This one is painfully obvious and general, but it’s my most common response when people ask why I carry a knife. Knives are pretty good at cutting things. Duh.

So now you have eight solid reasons why you, or anyone asking you should carry a knife. Next time someone asks you why you carry a knife, you can proudly respond with any one of the above reasons and further insist that they start carrying one too! If you don’t know which one to carry, I suggest taking a look at my recommendations for the best folding knives or best pocket knives.


    • Matt on February 7, 2014 at 6:06 pm

    I’ve had people ask to borrow my knife hundreds of times, no reason not to carry a knife if you ask me. I work in a office with nerds & geeks and even most of them carry knives. I’m a geek to, so I’m not making fun of them.

    Nice article man, I got a kick out of it. Thanks

    • jed on March 12, 2014 at 9:52 am

    You forgot one, mate.

    9. You’ll Never Have Dirty Fingernails!

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