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Best Steel For Knives

When it comes to the best steel for knives, it’s important to realize that every steel has trade offs. When you take these into account, you can choose your steel to tailor the properties of a knife to your liking. There are literally hundreds of excellent knife steel types out there, but there are a …

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Selecting The Best Tactical Knife

Zero Tolerance Folding Survival Knife

In recent years, “tactical” has become a bit of a buzzword within the knifemaking community. When you hear the word tactical, you undoubtedly picture vivid images of swat teams bursting through doors with guns drawn or Navy Seals stealthily creeping around in the shadows. The people in your images are probably well outfitted with gear, …

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Best Knife Sharpener

Whetstone knife sharpener

It is amazing how often I’ll ask to see a knife, only to realize that it is so dull that a butter knife would outperform it. Upon mentioning this fact, the first question I receive is usually “Can you prove it?” After letting the other party inspect the edge on my EDC knife, they usually …

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Find The Best Survival Knife

Fallkniven A1 Fixed Blade

With the recent glut of survival knife niche websites that have popped up, I thought it wise to write my own guide to choosing the best survival knife in order to dispel some of the misinformation out there. That said, you are here because you want a knife, and presumably one that you can use …

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Spyderco Tenacious: One Of The Best Folding Knife Values

Spyderco Tenacious Pocket Knife

So you are in the market for an excellent folding knife, but don’t have a lot of money to spend. No problem at all. Let me introduce you to the Spyderco Tenacious. In my early days of carrying a knife, the Tenacious is one that got by far the most pocket time in my EDC …

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Finding The Best Pocket Knife!

Benchmade Griptilian Pocket Knife

So, you’re here searching for the best pocket knife! Fortunately, you have come to the right place. In this article, I will talk you through the process of finding the best knife to suit your needs. In addition, I will make a few recommendations for specific knives that might meet your needs. For purposes of …

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